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EmmettWelcome to ASK EMMETT, a blog designed to provide you and I a forum to discuss the real-time challenges and opportunities each of us face in everyday life. This is an opportunity I’ve looked forward to for some time and now, with the assistance of some wonderful colleagues and clients, I think we’re ready to step forth and invite you to join us. Whenever you find yourself in a pickle of a situation, have a special insight you think would contribute to discussion or have a work or personal challenge, please feel free to email me at: emmett@murphyleadership.com or emmett@mindmatch.org

My colleagues and I will read every correspondence sent to us and, unless you explicitly state otherwise in your email, we will maintain absolute confidentiality regarding your identity when using your question or comment. As both professional coaches and clinicians, we strongly adhere to HIPPA and general professional standards of confidentiality. Having said that, however, we do want to take advantage of the rich insights and timely realities you can bring to our collective attention. In this context, to put some form and structure to things, we have defined our purpose and criteria for response to your communications as follows:

PURPOSE: The purpose of ASK EMMETT is to serve as your active coach and partner in helping you achieve a MINDMATCH in your everyday work and personal life; to help you translate your vision and values for a better life into practical solutions that meet the challenges and fulfill the opportunities you face everyday.

To do this, my colleagues and I, in cooperation with a wonderful team of clients who have served as your representatives, have concluded that each Blog contribution should meet, or come as close as possible to meeting three criteria.

First, the contribution should apply principles from the MINDMATCH™ Process to address a real-time challenge or opportunity you have brought to our attention.

Second, that application should provide a practical behavioral insight or solution, including actual script content and mind-state launch advice.

And, third, it should provide a context for that insight or solution – a brief one. I’ve been encouraged – strongly and with good humor – to keep contextual and more evidence based reasons readable and brief. For those who wish to explore any given issue in greater detail, my colleagues and I will provide follow-up references.

So, with those remarks as a starting point, let’s begin with our first array of questions and comments:

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