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Master the Job Interview
Here is a three part video program plus introduction by NY Times Bestselling Author, Emmett C. Murphy, PhD, to help you get the job you want. Many of you know Dr. Murphy through his 14 books, seminars, and consulting activity. Research of over 2,400 job seekers by Dr. Murphy and colleagues produced some very clear findings. You will have the benefit of this important research in these three videos, over two hours of content.

This research identified four underlying questions one must answer in order to do well at a job interview. You’ll find out what these are, as well as how to present yourself confidently, and what preparation you need before the interview. In addition to the three modules, a sourcebook with valuable information to accompany the videos is provided below, also free. This valuable information is partially derived from the training Murphy Leadership provides for employers on how to conduct interviews. You will benefit from this insider knowledge. This is a tremendous value, offered free by Dr. Murphy, and here’s the introduction….

Aug 7, 2012  |  14 minutes

Aug 7, 2012 | 48 minutes                   Aug 7, 2012 |  29 minutes                  Aug 7, 2012 | 40 minutes
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View and download Job Interview Q&A

View and download complete Sourcebook ‘Master the Job Interview’ (90 pages) which includes a pre-assessment checklist, information to accompany the three modules above, and post-course assessment checklist.  There are also selections from Dr. Murphy’s writings about career choices, and information for employers about how to conduct a job interview.  Great help for one learning to master the job interview…and all for FREE!

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