On-Demand Webinars

Join Dr. Emmett C. Murphy as he discusses vital issues in leadership today through these complimentary webinars.  These recordings are made available to you through Murphy Leadership for learning on-demand.

Run Toward the Roar Series: Why Do Healthcare Executives Fail?

Jan. 3, 2013  |  59 minutes

Why do talented and dedicated healthcare executives fail to prevent over 80% of hospital avoidable patient deaths? They don’t see them coming! In this webinar you will learn about an assessment tool to help with patient safety.

Driven by landmark research of leaders in 982 healthcare and business organizations, Dr. Emmett Murphy and colleagues identified how successful leaders stayed ahead of the crisis curve by diagnosing critical challenges before they became full-blown.  


Run Toward the Roar Series: Become a Triage Leadership Master & Run Toward the Roar

June 28, 2011  |  55 minutes

Re-invent your future thru the new science Triage Leadership and the 4-Step Run Toward the Roar Triage Leadership Process developed by Dr. Emmett C. Murphy. Learn how today’s most successful leaders meet and overcome the risks of failure & fear thru the new techniques of triage assessment, diagnosis, engagement, and action management. 


Run Toward the Roar Series: Align your Leadership Team NOW for Profitability and Success

March 15, 2013  | 103 minutes

How do you make sure your leadership team is aligned for success? The answer is revealed through a 4-Step Leadership Alignment Process to Assess, Diagnose, Own and Act to Align functions, decisions, motivations, skills & cooperation for success.


Run Toward the Roar Series: Are you a Direct Engagement Leader?

March 15, 2013  | 53 minutes

Do your leaders know how to directly engage the challenges that drive success today?

Your operational leaders are the pilots of your organization’s services. When they fail to engage effectively, you and your organization crash!  85% of the increasing number of healthcare malpractice and business liability suits are driven by the failure to engage. Use this Matrix for Alignment to guide your success!







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