Emmett provides book and article writing services to entrepreneurial, business and professional executives and experts. As an author of his own books, articles and presentations, he understands intimately what is involved in the process and the extensive investment leaders and experts have made acquiring knowledge, insight and experience. He understands the full continuum for writing success and what is required to translate intrinsically valuable knowledge into a successful and fulfilling book.

He is an accomplished author and researcher, and has been published many times. His role would be to provide high level working support for executives and experts looking to write and publish works at the highest level.  He is willing to share his expertise.

This brief (download pdf) outlines Dr. Murphy’s writing services, prior publishing history, and academic accomplishments.  Emmett would love to talk one-on-one with you about your project and see if it’s a fit. Leave contact information if you would like to speak directly to him.  

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