Invite Emmett to be your speaker!  Dr. Murphy’s most recent keynote address was: 
“Run Toward the Roar! Confronting Disparities: A National Call to Action”.  
Other keynote speeches include:

“Imperatives for Emerging Leaders in Healthcare”
“The Frontline Skills for the new C-level Executive”
“Direct Engagement Dynamics for Senior Client Managers”
“Measure What You Stand For: The New Ethical Imperative in Leadership”
“From Cleveland to Kuala Lumpur: The Universal Language of Leadership”

Speak directly with Emmett to customize your message so it has the content and measurable impact you need, while drawing on his extraordinary commitment and world-class insight to make your event come alive.

For his part, Emmett finds that “sharing life’s journey with others is why we’re here. Every meeting is a two-way engagement – an opportunity to learn as well as share. It’s a gift to be able to make this my life’s work.”  Emmett has helped thousands advance their careers during a 35 year career as a speaker, coach, consulting psychologist, and executive.

Contact Emmett today to inquire about speaking.  
What notable leaders say about Emmett’s keynote speeches:

“Emmett is a master. He inspires, motivates and teaches others how to become the people they aspire to be”  
Dan Walsh, VP of HR, IBM

“We were challenged and entertained. We left believing we could each become a Sitting Bull and knock off all the Custers that can ruin a company and career “  
Jerome Powers, Founder & CEO, Darome International

“I think I learned more about professional relationships in one presentation from Emmett than I did in my whole MBA program.”
Irene Zensa, Program Director, Nestle Corporation

“By turns, Dr. Murphy was captivating, challenging and moving. None of us left unchanged. His message was a gift of inspiration and hope”  
Lourdes Hassler, CEO, National Society for Hispanic MBA’s

“Our members come from every corner of the world. Emmett knew this was no ordinary keynote. He reached out to each one of us to make the true power of global partnership come alive. He was terrific”
Bill Shaw, Program Chair, World Cargo Alliance and CEO, World Class Shipping

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