Our Purpose is to help entrepreneurs and leaders in corporate business, healthcare, government, charitable service and the professions achieve fulfillment of their purpose in life and work.

To do this, we help leaders tap into the essence of who they are by finding their MINDMATCH™. A MINDMATCH aligns a leader’s purpose with the values they believe should drive it and the unique talents they can apply to achieve it.

When a MINDMATCH alignment is achieved, a leader exponentially increases their potential to make a significant contribution and positively impacts virtually everyone they engage.

Our commitment to helping clients identify and project their MINDMATCH™ defines What Murphy Leadership Partners does and Why we do it as both individuals and an organization: Every day, we commit ourselves to help each leader and professional we coach find and use the power of their MINDMATCH to make a difference for the good. And, to that end, each day, we attempt to align our own values and talents to fulfill that purpose.

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What notable leaders have to say about Emmett’s coaching:

“What I respected the most is that Emmett’s teaching is based on extensive research; not personal opinion.  He provided enormous insight into what really matters right now, and how to put that into immediate action.”
Linda Buchanan, Director of Kaiser Permanente.
“Emmett is a master. He inspires, motivates and teaches others how to become the people they aspire to be. Emmett has worked as personal and group coach to our leaders from those aspiring to lead to the C-Level. Several of the executives powering IBM’s turnaround under Gerstner and Palmissano found their leadership legs because of Emmett’s unique ability to help them find, as he says, ‘your best you.’ Of the many consultants and coaches I’ve seen, he is by far the most authentic and understanding of what executives will and must face. He is extraordinarily knowledgeable and a great friend and ally.”  Dan Walsh, VP of Human Resources, IBM“Our members come from every corner of the world. Emmett knew this was no ordinary keynote. He reached out to each one of us to make the true power of global partnership come alive. He was terrific!”
Bill Shaw, 
Program Chair of World Cargo Alliance & CEO of World Class Shipping

“A friend and sister entrepreneur recommended I work with Dr. Murphy to explore things. Well, what an adventure. To say it has been challenging, rewarding, revealing and worth every minute of looking hard at what makes me and others tick, would be a very serious understatement. I’ve learned more about leadership, my potential … and responsibilities, as well as how business and life ‘work’ through my coaching sessions with Emmett. It has been a remarkable and transforming experience.” Jacqueline Walzack, Partners’ Group

“I immigrated to the US after WWII, married, had a family, earned an MBA and then began a career. It has been a fascinating and rewarding journey during which I have met and worked with many different people. While Emmett is a young man by my standards, he possesses an old and wise soul. He understands what is important in life and, therefore, what is important in leadership. You would do well to heed his advice. I have found it most helpful.”   Marliese Wolfe Mooney, former Chair & CEO, AMI International and Member of the Board, Humana

“A consultant and teacher of rare insight and commitment”
James Thrall, MD, Professor at Harvard Medical School

“Run to the Roar helped bring us together in a way that has never been possible. It’s powerful, to the point, respectful and adult. We became focused and brave… and much more profitable.”
Jane Brennan, Vice President, Target Stores.

“I think I learned more about professional relationships in one presentation from Emmett than I did in my whole MBA program.”
Irene Zensa, Program Director of Nestle Corporation

“Emmett is inspirational and pragmatic. His insights are a must for serious leaders worldwide.“ 
Carlos Guttierez,  former U.S. Secretary of Commerce and Chairman & CEO of Kellogg“Perhaps Emmett’s greatest asset is his ability to help you find a way to succeed when it otherwise seems difficult or impossible. I’ve watched him do this as my coach and friend and it never fails to amaze me. I will always be grateful. You will be too.”  Jerry Powers, Founder & CEO, Darome of Canada“I was a little afraid of working with Emmett because he’s such a prominent guy. I needn’t have worried. He’s one of the easiest people I’ve ever talked to and the most interested person in me I’ve met in business. I’m very glad to have met him at this point in my career. I know he’s saved me from some very unnecessary tough times.”   Jack Wallace, New Manager, Hewlett Packard

“Emmett is inspirational and pragmatic. His insights are a must for serious leaders worldwide.”  Carlos Guttierez, former US Secretary of Commerce and Chairman and CEO of Kellogg

“Dr. Murphy explained how to turn on the power of internal ownership, how it is the key to holding things together in very practical and vital ways. It resonated with me strongly, on both a very personal as well as a professional level. His advice has proven to be both very useful and effective.”  Daniel Traversi, Group President, Dell Computers.

“One of my favorite memories of Emmett is sharing a scotch at the Ritz in London after a very successful meeting with the Prime Minister. We have shared many memorable experiences over the years and they have always been rewarding, if not always easy. Emmett is not a coach for just the good times. He shares the struggle with you, which makes the successes all the more memorable and valuable. He is a great friend.”  Charles Newman, President, HCA United Kingdom & Europe and Chair & CEO, the Cambridge Group.

“Dr. Murphy is a remarkable resource for any leader and especially for those facing the challenges of being a CEO. At a time of great challenge, he provided me and my new team with insightful and empathic counsel, helping each of us to find our way and work together as a cohesive and focused team. As my career progressed and I moved forward with other responsibilities, he has been an invaluable coach and friend. I recommend him to you with the confidence that he will help you achieve your potential and the success you deserve.”   Leo Lopez, Chair & CEO, ESI, Inc., former President & CEO University Hospital, the University of Medicine & Dentistry of New Jersey

“Emmett’s insights unlock the power of optimism – the healing and connecting energy we need to quell the anxiety of an uncertain world. He helps you develop a roadmap for life’s journey – in the right direction, of course!”   Lillee Gelinas, Vice President, Clinical Improvement and Chief Nursing Officer, VHA of America


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