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The Leadership Practices Cultural Inventory™

The Leadership Practices Cultural Inventory™ is a unique and powerful instrument that guides, inspires and focuses organizations on the priorities that drive success. Developed and refined over 20 years with over 2 million subjects, the Inventory keys into the factors that create a “magnet of responsibility” for the whole organization. It provides a map of opportunities for improvement in service, innovation and leadership, opportunities that affirm and build confidence and responsibility.

By contrast with the “nay say” tendencies of so many surveys, the Leadership Practices Cultural Inventory™ brings the team together in a common cause of responsibility and stewardship. It keys into and supports your mission, vision and values – the very issues that attract and retain talent. It empowers those who want to achieve with the information and insight they need to take action and assume even higher levels of responsibility.

The Leadership Practices Cultural Inventory™ can be implemented from the whole corporate system to the individual department and team, or to any level in between. It provides a foundation for any process of self-examination, change and transformation. As many CEO’s have said “The Leadership Practices Cultural Inventory communicated the priorities I had been trying to in a way that only self-discovery can accomplish.”

The Roar Readiness Leadership Inventory

The Roar Readiness Leadership Inventory™ is a vital tool for self-discovery and personal career planning. Developed through research with over 27,000 leaders, it helps individuals assess their development on the key characteristics essential for career – and life – success. In an efficient and supportive format, it takes individuals through a process of self-discovery where strengths become the things to build on and weaknesses become feedback for growth. It incorporates a unique evidence based Roar Risk and Opportunities Planning Guide™ that translates the insights from the self-assessment into a pragmatic blueprint for action. The Guide provides reinforcement of individual self worth and the optimism that comes from commitment to a concrete course of personal leadership improvement.

The Roar Master Executive Leadership Inventory™ can be utilized as a stand-alone tool. However, it is especially valuable as part of the Executive IQ Coaching System™ or as part of a seminar where each individual takes the RDLI as part of a team developmental learning experience. When completed in the context of a leadership seminar, the results are provided individually and in aggregate for team learning.

Leadership Talent Alignment & Succession Planning

with The Leadership Work Mapping Assessment

Are the Right Leaders in the Right Place at the Right Time, at the right Cost and for the right Reason? For Now? For the Future?

15% of your people drive 95% of your organization’s success. These are your high responsibility leaders. Do you know who they are and what they do? What they could do? And, what they won’t be able to do if they’re gone or not replaced?

Leadership Work Mapping™ answers these questions and more. Utilized as part of a comprehensive interviewing and self-assessment process, RLM provides you with a picture of how well your leaders are aligned to fulfill the organization’s mission both now and in the future. Alignment and gap analyses point to specific actions required to both stay on course and adapt to the future. Discuss how this process can help your organization protect and develop the Talent Capital it needs to flourish.

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