Coaching is at the heart of everything we do at Murphy Leadership and has been for the 35 plus years of our existence.  We provide coaching and counseling for leaders and professionals with evidence based knowledge of leadership best practices driven by world-class research.  Providing leaders with actionable information that they can translate into best practices with confidence and assurance is our mission. We believe the world is too complex and the stakes too high to rely on mere personal opinion and the limited experience that can offer. 

Assessment Tools  
Murphy Leadership can provide you with assessment tools that are scientific and unbiased to help guide leaders into making good decisions.

Leadership Training  
Development that builds individual courage and responsibility, tackles real and pressing issues, provides the latest research based solutions and delivers concrete tools for action.

Invite Emmett to be your speaker.  His keynote note speeches tie things together…inspire a team or group to action…and put the capstone on an important conference! 

Dr. Murphy provides book and article writing services to entrepreneurial, business and professional executives and experts. View and download a brief description of his writing and publishing capabilities.


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