LdrshpIQ125x98Dr. Murphy has written many books, including his New York Times Bestseller “Leadership IQ”, available worldwide. “Talent IQ” is a Gannett International Business Bestseller and “The Genius of Sitting Bull” a Booksellers Business Bestseller, just some of the awards for his trade books.

Dr. Murphy’s newest offering is now available with special pricing in PDF, print, and video tapes.  Take a look!

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Leadership Self-Coaching System, Volumes I & II

Volume I: Introduction and Workbook
Volume II: Solutions that Work 

Emmett’s newest offering, a culmination of his life’s work and purpose, is the MINDMATCH system of self-help books, starting with Leadership.  To read about the MINDMATCH mission and system, check out the MINDMATCH page above. Also look on MINDMATCH PRESS to see his array of products using these ideals to help you gain control of your life.

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