(Introduction of the MINDMATCH Leadership Self-Coaching System from Emmett C. Murphy)

Are you CEO of YOUR Life?  Are you driven by a MINDMATCH™ ? Do you make vital decisions through the prism of your vision, values and aspirations, or through those of others?

Do you stay ahead of the threat curve? Assess what’s really happening around you? Can you conduct a comprehensive CT-Like Scan of the key dimensions of your work and personal life?  Do you have the data to Diagnose how things leverage and cluster to block or advance your achievement? Why specific relationships and your network as a whole help or undermine your success?

Is your work aligned with your talents and potential?  Have you checked who you really are NOW? How you’ve grown? How you’ve adapted and increased your potential to achieve?  Have you identified Solutions to the problems blocking your progress? Have you translated them into action scripts that advance your best you? Are you in an effective leadership launch mind-set?

And, are you response-ready for the change, crisis or opportunity heading your way?

If the answer is NO to any of these questions, you may benefit from Dr. Emmett Murphy’s NEW MINDMATCH™  Self-Coaching System, An Invaluable Assessment -Diagnostic – and Solution Tool-Kit it for leaders ready to be CEOs of their lives.

Here is how the MINDMATCH Self-Coaching System can help you Take Control of your future.

For Entrepreneurs, the System puts an experienced coach and consultant at your side. It provides you with that independent, experienced but supportive advice essential to meeting the ever emerging challenges and opportunities of owning your own business. And, as it grows and develops, it provides a chronicle and checkpoint for progress.

For Corporate Leaders, the System helps you cut through the complexity and noise that makes it difficult to understand what’s happening and why. It provides you with the independent, experienced perspective essential to working through roadblocks, seizing opportunities and positioning yourself for success.

For Expert Professionals, the System provides you with the capacity to take leadership initiative to advance performance levels and the state-of-the art. It gives you the tactical and strategic insight needed to advance your ideas and contribute directly to the decision-making process at a valuable and influential level.

For HR Professionals, the System enables you to guide and develop leaders and professionals with greater expertise and effectiveness. It introduces a proven process for accelerating development and improving performance, as well as generating personal responsibility and confidence.

For Professional Coaches and Clinical Professionals, the System provides you with a proven methodology to supplement or guide your practice. It offers you access to an acknowledged mentor in the field whose institutes and seminars at leading universities and corporations has prepared clinicians and coaches to increase their level of effectiveness and value to clients. Contact Emmett for information on the MINDMATCH Coaching Certification Program.

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