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Dr. Murphy Reveals His Life-Changing Secrets!

How to achieve your true and full Leadership Potential with the Coaching IQ System by International Coach & NY Times Bestselling Author of Leadership IQ & Talent IQ, Emmett C. Murphy, PhD 

Special Publisher Sponsored Live Seminar in 3  convenient DC Regional Locations

Who Should Attend: Entrepreneurs, Business Owners, CEO’s, COO’s, HR Leaders and Other Key Leaders and Associates
REGISTER NOW by calling 855.720.3292 & Receive a FREE CIQ Goodness-of-Fit Aptitude Assessment and Emmett’s Welcome and Coaching IQ Overview to get you started.
Have you ever wanted to…

  • Assess the span and depth of your true potential?
  • Significantly increase your control over business and career risk?
  • Master the skills required to lead and coach others?
  • Synergize  and Focus your full career-personality skill-set?
  • Increase the value of your greatest asset…Yourself ?
If you answered YES to any of these questions, you can’t afford to miss this  Special seminar and the NEW Coaching IQ System with a master coach. Einstein said “the key to understanding the potential of the universe is knowing the questions to ask.” The Coaching IQ System gives you the questions and the process required to discover the potential of your universe. Developed by Dr. Murphy and his partners over 35 years of coaching and counseling with several thousand entrepreneurs, corporate leaders and professionals, the CIQ System gives you a complete Turn-Key Solution to taking control of your future, no matter what the fortunes of the universe bring. And, it equips you to coach others – key associates and, perhaps, future clients of your own. Learn how this NEW, cutting edge self-coaching system and person-to-person seminar with Emmett can help you discover and master your true and full potential. Experience what Andy Grove said when describing Emmett to his colleagues: “as a thinking leader’s guide to your future.”

Through the Seminar you will…
In Part 1: Mobilize the power of Your Leadership Potential.

  1. IDENTIFY your best and true leadership potential with the CIQ Leadership Aptitudes Imaging System. This will provide you with global insight into your personal and unique combination of strengths, aptitudes and opportunities.
  2. TARGET your leadership talent for success with the CIQ Global Situational Assessment System. This will provide you with a picture of your career terrain and the present opportunities and threats it offers and poses to success.
  3. CHOOSE your best individual pathway to success with the CIQ Leadership Options Grid. This provides you with an array of successful options utilized by best practice leaders in facing situations similar to those you will have just identified
  4. DECIDE on your specific leadership targeting objectives with the CIQ Leadership Objectives Targeting System. With actual evidence in hand of what fits your talents, pathway and options, you will now be able to take the vital “refining” step that great leaders always take before committing to a course of action.
  5. SELECT your personal best-fit Leadership Action Script with the CIQ Leadership Action Matrix. Now, you can develop the specifics of what you need and would be most effective for you with confidence and very high probability of success.
  6. ASSESS your probability of action success and make the necessary fine-tuning plan adjustment utilizing The CIQ Action Evaluator, a tool that enables you to quickly compare your Action Plan with the successful results achieved by best practice leaders who have utilized similar plans. Then, make quick adjustments and….
  7. CHOOSE your best-fit action launch setting with the CIQ Leadership Launch Options Matrix. This will enable you to match your unique potential and personality, situation, pathway, objectives and action script with the setting, stage and emotional terrain best suited to you.
  8. MASTER the MINDMATCH™ 5-Step Coaching Process to pull all the pieces together. The MINDMATCH™ Process is a unique diagnostic and decision-making process developed in cooperation with clients to provide leaders with an efficient yet comprehensive instrument for dramatically decreasing risk and increasing individual success.

In Part 2: Participate in an Open Discussion Coaching Forum with Emmett:
Share (anonymously) your questions, issues, ideas, reactions and aspirations with Emmet for discussion with him and your colleague leaders participating in the Seminar. This is one of the most valuable components of the seminar and should not be missed.

During this time, Emmett will also briefly describe the complete Coaching IQ System and Toolkit that you will receive as part of this special publisher sponsored seminar. (See below.) The CIQ System will provide you a ready resource of how best practice leaders from MLP’s 25 year ongoing Leadership IQ research with Beckhard MIT Associates and SUNY’s Leadership Council identify, develop and translate their personal dreams and career plans into action.

And, In Part 3: Return home and LAUNCH YOUR Leadership Action Script with the CIQ System as your solution resource and then…Give Emmett a Seminar Follow-up Call.

These special seminars are designed to provide highly motivated leaders with a genuine opportunity for growth and a partner to share it with. When you are ready and have had a chance to put your plan into action – or even beforehand – call Emmett to compare notes and discuss your progress and anything else that comes to mind.

Components of the Coaching IQ System Toolkit

  • Coaching IQ System Self-Coaching Users’ Guide
  • 5-Step MINDMATCH™ Coaching Process Individual Leader’s Workbook
  • 6-Factor CIQ Global Situational Assessment System
  • CIQ Talent Self-Assessment Sourcebook for Leaders including Aptitude, Personality, Professional Practices, Motivation and Operational Effectiveness Assessments for In-Depth Self-Discovery
  • CIQ Solutions That Work: Solutions By & For Entrepreneurial Leaders
  • CIQ in Action Case Studies, including: The Ketchup Story – An Entrepreneur’s CIQ 5-Step MINDMATCH™ Business Turnaround
  • And, The 7-Part CIQ Video Tutorial by Emmett C. Murphy, PhD

About Emmett:

Emmett C. Murphy, PhD

Emmett is Founder and Senior Partner of Murphy Leadership Partners and continues to serve as a coach and consultant throughout the DC and mid-Atlantic region, as well as nationally and internationally.

He is former Founder and CEO of E. C. Murphy, VHA, LLC. – the operational consulting and executive coaching arm of the world’s largest business and healthcare alliance. He has also been Chancellor’s Award University Professor at the State University of New York, Linkage Visiting Professor at Harvard Medical School/Brigham Hospital, Joint Venture Managing Partner with GE and William Mercer and founder of four other successful businesses. His clients range in size and type from Intel, IBM, Best Buy, Chase and Johns Hopkins University Hospital to the World Cargo Alliance (Bangkok), the US DOD to regional, small and start-up entrepreneurial firms, professional practices and financial firms.

He is a NY Times Bestselling Author and, among others, he has received the Healthcare Financial Management Association of America’s Yerger award for research with GE on performance and cost analytics, the American Management Association’s Best-Presenter’s Award and SUNY’s LHD for contributions to advancing the field of entrepreneurial leadership.

Consulting affiliations have included the AMA, Beckard MIT Associates, Mercer Consulting and Booz Allen. His books are distributed internationally and he has appeared as an expert commentator on CNN, Financial News, MSNBC, Fox, CBS, NBC and others regarding national and international leadership issues.

His education includes a PhD in counseling and organizational psychology from SUNY and post-doctoral certification in clinical counseling at Upstate Medical Center, SUNY and organizational development at MIT.

Some Reviews of the Coaching IQ System and Seminar…
At heart, Emmett loves the small business world and it shows. The Coaching IQ Seminar makes that come alive. He’s lived and solved the challenges I face and that resonated deeply. Jerry Powers, Founder, Darome Corporation
As the Coaching IQ Seminar progressed, I saw a picture of my life challenges and opportunities emerge and clarify. It was an amazing yet very logical process that I will continue to explore. Many thanks. Bernadine Williams, RN, MSN, President, Cleveland Health Associates 

The Coaching IQ Assessment was the best professional workup of my career…I saw the good and bad and how to get the best out of the good. Emmett made the seminar a really valuable experience. Ray Parker, VP, Samson Controls

Emmett was wonderful and totally committed to our best interests. He made the CIQ Process come alive … a wonderful day and very valuable seminar and system I intend to put to great use for myself, my team and, who knows, maybe my own clients. Anna Rodriguez, Co-Founder and President, The Computer Team 

I’ve been to coach training with the best…I thought. There was no substance or real world understanding like Emmett’s Coaching IQ System. And, the seminar gives you a master level tutorial on how to use it –it’s a whole certification or graduate course in one day, with all the tools I need to go forward. Jane Walkowski, VP HR Home Depot

Emmett understands what it actually takes to lead and take control of your career and life. Everything rings true because he has coached so many different leaders of every rank in so many settings. Fred Hobby, President, The Institute for Diversity, The American Hospital Association

We helped develop and test Coaching IQ with Emmett and the team and know firsthand how very effective, practical yet brilliantly conceived it is. It grows with you as you grow in understanding and confidence…it gives you the juice to go forward. Dan Walsh, Senior VP HR, IBM

Register Now by calling 855.720.3292

Call 855.720.3292 for your personal registration and receive your complimentary CIQ Goodness-of-Fit Aptitude Assessment and Emmett’s personal CIQ Welcome and Overview to get you started.

Dates and Locations:

Thursday, October 26, 2017:
Key Bridge Marriott
1401 Lee Highway
Arlington, Virginia, 22209
Wednesday, November 1, 2017:
BWI Airport Marriott
1743 W. Nursery Rd.
Baltimore, Md., 21090
Wednesday, November 8, 2017:
Gaithersburg Marriott Washingtonian Center
9751 Washingtonian Boulevard
Gaithersburg, MD 20878
Registration and Coffee: 8:30 am
Seminar: 9:00 am to 4:00 pm
All Breaks and Luncheon included
Seminar Attendance: $585
(includes the CIQ System Toolkit -a $475 value- breakfast, breaks, lunch and Hotel amenities)
Our Commitment:  
Your Satisfaction or 100% No Risk Refund Guaranteed
Special Thanks:
These Seminars are made possible through  the cooperation of John Wiley and Sons, Publishers, NY; the State University of New York Leaders’ Roundtable, NY; the Beckhard MIT Associates, Boston; and the Wilson Center for Leadership,Washington, DC. Contact Information: Murphy Leadership Partners, Inc., 3414 Woolsey Drive, Suite 100, Chevy Chase, Md. 20815,

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