“Run to the Roar helped bring us together in a way that has never been possible. It’s powerful, to the point, respectful and adult. We became focused and brave… and much more profitable.”
Jane Brennan, Vice President, Target Stores.

“I think I learned more about professional relationships in one presentation from Emmett than I did in my whole MBA program.”
Irene Zensa, Program Director of Nestle Corporation

“Emmett helps you tap your potential and move past your comfort zones. He wants the best for others and helps you achieve it.” 
Linda Buchanan, Kaiser Permanente

“Emmett is inspirational and pragmatic. His insights are a must for serious leaders worldwide.“ 
Carlos Guttierez,  former U.S. Secretary of Commerce and Chairman & CEO of Kellogg

“Our members come from every corner of the world. Emmett knew this was no ordinary keynote. He reached out to each one of us to make the true power of global partnership come alive. He was terrific!”
Bill Shaw, Program Chair of World Cargo Alliance & CEO of World Class Shipping

“What I respected the most is that Emmett’s teaching  is based on extensive research; not personal opinion.  He provided enormous insight into what really matters right now, and how to put that into immediate action.”
Linda Buchanan, Director of Kaiser Permanente

“A consultant and teacher of rare insight and commitment”
James Thrall, M.D., Professor at Harvard Medical School

“Dr. Murphy explained how to turn on the power of internal ownership, how it is the key to holding things together in very practical and vital ways. It resonated with me strongly, on both a very personal as well as a professional level.”
Daniel Traversi, Group President of Dell Computers.

“We used the Roar Readiness Inventory to reveal to everyone what some of us knew but couldn’t seem to get across. Until everyone saw the risks we faced and why we had to get serious about our own individual performance, it was really just talk. Now, we get it and people are really stepping forward to own responsibility.”
Bruce Laughton, Bellville Medical Center.

“I will never forget Emmett’s advice on how to identify and develop talent. I now know how to focus the energies of our most responsible and high performing people: to build a magnet that mobilizes others.”
Sharon Fowler, Vice President of Harling Enterprizes

“It seems like someone or some group is roaring at us constantly. But, not all Roars are equal and important. ‘Run to the Roar’ got us to prioritize our risks and opportunities in a way that made things doable. Each of us has a much clearer understanding of what we need to do and a great plan to do it.”
Paula Williams, Wellspring Social Services.

“Emmett and Niles were terrific, knowledgeable and always there when we needed them. What we didn’t understand was how much they are truly committed to helping us become independent and resourceful. We have now become our own consultants and are helping others with their own ‘Run to the Roar’.”
Bernadine Williams, RN, MSN, former Vice President, Cleveland Clinic – South.

“An individual of the highest personal and professional integrity.”
Sam Walton, founder of Walmart

“The first thing I did was follow the ‘Run to the Roar’ process all the way through myself with Emmett. It was one of the most positive and instructive experiences of my career. The plan we developed has been the most effective guide I have ever had. It has transformed the way I lead.”
Erich Reelsbruck, Pelham Industries

“Emmett provides the skills that [we] need most, but that no one else teaches. If you want to survive and thrive in a hyper-competitive economy, take Dr. Murphy’s training.  Simply put; he is the best.”
Steve Lampkin, Vice President of WalMart

“Emmett is a master. He inspires, motivates and teaches others how to become the people they aspire to be”
Dan Walsh, Vice President of Human Resources at IBM

“Dr. Murphy was captivating, challenging and moving. None of us left unchanged. His message was a gift of inspiration and hope”
Lourdes Hassler, CEO of National Society for Hispanic MBA’s

“Emmett and I share a passion for developing individual potential. It is one way for both of us to continue to do what we most admire. It’s how great scientists, entrepreneurs and leaders in public service define their life’s purpose: to “seek, solve, and serve.” Together, we founded the Wilson Center to advance this purpose.”
Wilson Greatbatch, inventor of the Pacemaker, Recipient of the U.S. President’s Medal for Technology, founder of Wilson Greatbatch, Ltd. & Co-founder of Medtronics

“Emmett’s insights are  essential for all Human Resource professionals facing today’s very difficult challenges. Emmett sets a benchmark for both research and practice at a time when responsibility and the innovation it drives are key to the success of every leader and organization.”  
James Hoerner, Ph.D., Team Leader of the Human Resources Development for the Department of Homeland Security

“The Road Readiness Inventory for Leaders has been an invaluable tool for my coaching clients. It gives a leader a clear and insightful picture of where they are, the challenges they face and the strengths they can leverage to succeed. It lays down a solid foundation for working together.” 
James Turner, PhD, Chair & Managing Partner, International Assessment Services, Inc.

“I get it! It’s Run Toward the Roar now or get jumped and devoured while running away. I’ve tried to run away and have the scars to prove it. My company and I are running toward the roar now and never looking back.”
Thomas Hastings, President, Life Services, Inc.

“Dr. Murphy and his associates have made important contributions to the development of tools and systems for building great healthcare and business organizations. They have won well deserved admiration from their clients and from professional organizations including: the Healthcare Financial Management Association, The Joint Commission on Accreditation, The American Society For Training and Development  and VHA. They have set the bar very high, indeed, in matters of integrity, quality and dedication.”
Thomas Smith, CEO of Voluntary Hospital Association of America, Inc. (VHA)

“We were challenged and entertained.  We left believing we could each become a Sitting Bull and knock off all the Custers that can ruin a company and  career”
Jerome Powers, Founder & CEO of Darome International

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