Dr. Murphy’s research has provided new insights and standards across many industries and is the basis of the Murphy Leadership consulting program. Many consulting firms today are based on mere opinion. This is an important differentiator of Murphy Leadership. We offer evidence based knowledge of leadership best practices driven by world-class research. Most importantly, this research has given our clients valuable insight and the ability to make informed changes to improve their leadership. 

Dr. Murphy’s numerous research publications include The Entrepreneur as Ethical Safeguard for the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation’s The Consequences of Corporate Restructuring on Quality Outcomes in Healthcare –with the Joint Commission on Hospital Accreditation, reported in the U.S. Congressional Record; New Methodologies for Redesign of Financial Systems awarded the Helen Yerger International Award for outstanding research by the Healthcare Financial Management Association of America;  The New Role of Healthcare Boards in Tumultuous Times for MIT’s Sloan School of Management; and The Consequences of Complexity in Executive Leadership and Clinical Roles reported in “Modern Healthcare”, “USA Today” and other national media.

His research is the recipient of many awards including: 

  • The winner of the Yerger Prize for best international research on healthcare finance from the Healthcare Financial Management Association of America.
  • The Leadership Research Award from the President’s Institute of the American Management Association.
  • Recognition in the US Congressional Record for landmark research in the improvement of clinical quality outcomes through the redesign of work for physicians, nurses and other clinical and support staff.
  • The Certificate of Merit by the Joint Commission on Healthcare Accreditation for research contributions to the field of quality improvement.
  • The General Electric Venture Partner’s Award for research into The Improvement of Productivity Leadership.

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