Dr. Emmett C. Murphy
Coach and Mentor for Leaders and Professionals with a background in Organizational Psychology and Consulting Executives. CEO and Senior Partner of Murphy Leadership, which uses research as a basis for change. Best selling author of more than 14 books.

Our Mission
Our mission is to provide leaders with evidence based knowledge of leadership best practices driven by world-class research. We are committed to providing leaders with actionable information that they can translate into best practices with confidence.

Our clients come from business, healthcare, public service, education and government, ranging from multi-national, to national, regional and community based organizations. We have served publicly traded as well as closely held companies and have found, in whatever setting we’ve worked, a special affinity for the forward thinking and entrepreneurial leader.

Dr. Emmett C. Murphy’s research has provided new insights and standards across industries and enabled our clients to undertake important new steps with confidence and optimism.

These provide an insight into how we work and the wonderful clients who make our work possible.

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